The Hyperlab is expanding!

Main Lab

hyperlab-renovated-09-02-31-Main Lab

Each workstation in the main lab is configured with specialty hardware and software for text processing, analysis and visualization, including data mining, QDA and scripting tools, e-book applications, robust XML editors and multimedia development tools. The lab also houses a high-performance liquid-cooled gaming tower, affectionately known as “Big Daddy”. Video and audio output from this lab can be streamed into the game lab for large-scale visualization.


Game Lab

hyperlab-renovated-09-02-31-Game Lab

The game lab is our primary visualization and collaboration facility, as well as a comfortable space for game playing and testing within a group environment. The room is equipped with dual 94″ Smart Boards and projectors, a variety of gaming consoles, experimental haptic controllers, VR gloves and goggles, and legacy gaming machines. The game library is stocked with hundreds of game titles, artistic hypertexts and interactive narratives. Infrared cameras placed around the room and linked to a multi-channel DVR record gameplay for detailed activity analysis. An audio-video matrix allows input from anywhere in the Hypertext and Hypermedia Lab to be captured and streamed to observers elsewhere for remote study and analysis.

Reading Room

hyperlab-renovated-09-02-31-Reading RoomDesigned as a library for the study of text in various forms (manuscript, printed and digital), the reading room houses various writing and reading technologies, including tablet computers, wireless slates, a microfilm scanner and document camera, numerous handheld and pen computing devices, and various ebook readers. It also contains a library of books and recent publications in the fields of digital texts, game studies and new media theory.